Private Institute “Nueva Generación” : A dream come true!

At its early stage it seemed almost impossible, but now eight years later, we can see that this dream really did come true. Just like any beginning, it had its obstacles, but today the Private Institute “Nueva Generación” (New Generation) is a fully functioning institute based in the principles and values that transform lives. The institute has a total of 105 students at the start of this new school year, and a group of very dedicated teachers, staff and directors who are all working to make this vision possible.

Besides the regular school curriculum, the institute also offers physical education, visual arts, computers, traditional dance, nations workshops (classes about other cultures) and student counseling.

The previous school year closed in December, 2012 with a graduation ceremony for the grade 6 students, and afterwards a shared dinner with family. The past year was also the last year held in our previous location as this year 2013 we have a new address and new facilities. We thank God for these past eight years of faithfulness and for our new facility, a demonstration of His immense faithfulness!

Instituto Privado Nueva Generaci+¦n

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