From July 21st to 26th, around 50 boys and girls aged between 12 and 18 participated in a retreat at the city of Corrientes organized by King´s Kids, ministry aimed to kids and teenagers and belongs to Youth with a Mission (Ywam).

They got together under the motto “He is the Center” and the activities were focused on developing their artistic talents, putting Jesus as the center and reason of arts.

 They received biblical teaching and ministration by diverse teachers and also took part in theater, hip-hop and praise & worship workshops.

 They also enjoyed a Night for the Nations, when they themselves set up stands representing different nations they prayed for, and two afternoons of evangelism at the city of Corrientes.

 Of course, there was a night of talents and costumes where they had the chance to perform their creativity and artistic gifts.

“It was a retreat where we could influence this new generation to use their art for God and take them out of passivity and selfishness to start thinking of others”, says Filipe Bitencourt, one of the leaders of the ministry.

King´s Kids, Generación de influencia

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