A missionary Trip full of surprises

King´s kids held a missionary trip in the Pueblo Nueve de Julio (Corrientes) which was loaded of surprises, where the population got involved in activities and even left doors open for future events.

Youth With a Mission (Ywam) Corrientes streams through the ministry of King´s Kids and their entire team of about 28 people were last week in the village of 9 de Julio, a fairly small village where activities were carried out with children.

Marco Avena Mora, one of the leaders of the ministry, comments: “Two activities were carried out that included plays, choreography, among others. One in the main square of the town and another in the municipal spa where the municipal intendant and all his team of councilors were present.”

Visits were also made to the people in their homes to evangelize and intercede for them, 16 of them decided to surrender their hearts to God. “People came to us asking for prayer. It was something that surprised us” Marco said.

It is noteworthy that the intendant left the doors open so this King´s Kids team has the chance to return and carry out their missionary program. The following missionary trip is scheduled for winter vacations.

Finally, it is important to highlight that God had given the team a promise, that both the team and the city would be blessed. It was completely fulfilled.


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