The Nueva Generación Christian Institute for initial and first level, belonging to Youth With a Mission (YWAM) of Capital Corrientes, carried out (20th to 23rd of February) its first teaching training ‘’Educating For Life’’

This call was attended by all the members of the Nueva Generación Institute.

The purpose of this training is to train Christian educators, whatever the area of the institution where they work, to educate and disciple students and their families from a biblical worldview.

The emphasis of this program is directed to the growth of the character and interpersonal relations of the educators, to be themselves the model of life to be followed by their students.

Thus, within the days of training, the participants were part of both talks and practical activities aimed to personal and interpersonal knowledge, mutual service and ministration.

‘’Our expectations for this year are high, the challenge now is to apply what we have learned inside the classroom and impact the life of each student. The greatest goal we have is to bring the presence of God into every activity we do. “- comments Katerine Gómez, one of the participating teachers.Imagen1

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