This March 3rd was the closing ceremony of the Discipleship Training School (DTS) dictated by Youth with a Mission (YWAM)

This DTS is focused on music, painting and drawing, started on October 8th with a group of students coming from 3 nations: Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela.

The 5 months of the DTS are divided in two periods: 3 theoretical months in which the students learn how to seek God in a personal way, how to serve in practical areas, they also receive talks focused on the development of Christian character and acquire practical and theoretical tools in the field of music and production of children’s stories based on the Scriptures.

During the 2 practical months, the students of this DTS went to Asuncion Paraguay, where they worked together with the brotherhood of Rock Church and Emmanuel Church. There they collaborated in camps for young people and adolescents, also, they visited the province of Santa Fe, Hardy, Florence and Rabon performing plays, leading praise and worships times, and doing evangelism. In addition, they offered workshops on percussion and art.

Throughout these 5 months the students affirm to have had a true encounter with God, they heard his voice, they affirmed their identity and could be of blessing for many young people._MG_3492 Imagen2

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