The Eagle Seminary School


Eagle Seminary School…

Flying to new heights!

The Eagle Seminary School moves ahead!!! This seminary has been functioning since the year 2009 in the city of Corrientes Capital, and also in the interior parts of the province. We have already extended the seminary to the provinces of Chaco, Santa Fe and Misiones! In total we have six seminary schools functioning within different provinces of the country.

This seminary is for those that wish to know God and be trained to better serve Him. Our objective is to work in two ways: The Messenger and the Message. The idea is to give tools to those that want to continue knowing God, be transformed and also affect our society. This helps us to deepen our relationship with God through studying His Word. Knowing who we are and the gifts that God has given each of us equips us to be agents of change in the times that we are living in. We have the privilege of receiving international professors from Brazil, Venezuela, England and Chile.

Our slogan is:

“If your Christianity does not change your character, it is of no worth.” D.L. Moody

In the city of Corrientes, we can see the fruits of the seminary school students, we can see the changes in them (as we are sure is happening in each of our school across the country). They are also completing practical work for the school, sharing devotionals in their churches, sharing their experiences and testifying to the changes in their lives. Through the evangelism and visits that they are doing in the neighbourhood as well the students are a real blessing to others in their congregations.

We pray that God continues to deepen the faith of each student and their relationship with Him, growing to serve Him better.

Next year our goals are:

  • Take this seminary school to other nations: Venezuela and Uruguay
  • Bless all of those that come to us for training, transforming them to be useful instruments in God’s hands.

For more information please write to us at:

Youth With A Mission
Calle Cuba 5824 Barrio Pirayui, Corrientes, Capital, Argentina
Tel. 0054 – 379 -4- 455568 / 472414
Web page:


Here are a couple of testimonies form the last years’ students:

Santos haciendo las tareas del Seminario.“God wants each one of us to know Him and have new experiences in Him.” -Santos Solís, ‘Eagle Course’ student.

Why did you decide to take this course?


I have always wanted to learn more about the Word of God, but I always thought it was only for studios people. I at the same time felt it was a challenge that I wanted to take, and that’s how it happened… with God’s help, my wife and I took this step of faith.

What has God most spoken to you?


There are so many things… I need to set aside a time with Him each day, to get to know Him, because I have realised how interested God is in having this communion with us. I have also learnt that God has equipped us with powerful weapons to destroy strongholds!


What would you like to say to the people who are interested in taking the Course?


I would tell them that man fades “for a lack of knowledge”. God wants all of us to get to know Him and have new experiences in Him, this is not just for some but for all who relieve that Jesus Christ is Lord. This is vital for all believers; just like the air we breathe… we need to know God more so that we can live the new things He has for each day. You can do it, the decision is yours! God Bless.

Ana  en clase.“With so many things to get done,
there is still time to get to know God”
-Ana Solís, House wife and ‘Eagle Course’ student –

Why did you decide to take this course?

I decided to take the course because of my desire to serve God with excellence and more knowledge. I want to know God more.

What has God most spoken to you?

I have discovered that I need to hear His voice more and be obedient. It is my choice to do it or not and I am learning to do it with His help.

What would you like to say to the people who are interested in taking the Course?

Do it. I would say to them that even though we have so many things to do and get done we still need to make time to get to know God more. And what easier way than this door that God has opened, the Eagle Course. It is not lost time, the opposite actually, it is time to make good use of.

Raquel estudiando en el Seminario“God is not only speaking to me, He’s working in my life”

-Raquel Villanueva, nursing and ‘Eagle Course’ student-

Why did you decide to take this course?

Ever since the age of 12 when I was baptised, I have taken many Bible study courses. At first I was not intending to take this course, but decided to do it after understanding that one needs to be well prepared to serve the Lord. God can use you even if you aren’t prepared but with this preparation we are powerful weapons in the Lords hands. This course is so much more than what I expected, it is different than others I have taken, and it is practical! Really good.

What has God most spoken to you?

God isn’t just speaking to me; he’s working in my life. It feels like he is preparing me for something big. During the interior healing class He removed many hidden things from my heart. I have really enjoyed the reading assignments and seeing God working in others’ lives and experiences.

What would you like to say to the people who are interested in taking the Course?

Friend, brother… allow God to prepare you; because you might not know what area of your life or in what way He wants to use you. Don’t let the enemy win you over with false arguments, “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know”. I encourage you, don’t doubt it, your whole life will change and your way of seeing life will become God’s way… you will never be the same.

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