Light – Camera-  Nations – Productions
“Bringing Transformation through the media”

Our vision is to make the truth and love of God known through the media

This ministry is composed of different areas:

Web Page (Spanish – English): Design and edition of information related to the events at our missionary base, church and worldwide news.

Photography:  Documenting all the events carried out at our base and some close institutions.

News Articles: We write articles for “Pueblo Elegido”  local newspaper and our web page.

Flyers Design:  For social campaigns, evangelism and the promotion of our training schools and events.

Social media campaigns: For prevention of social problems through spots, social experiments and social marketing.

Publicity videos: Related to our schools, ministries and events.

Live Recording: Recording of special meetings, retreats, conferences, etc.

Connections and Video conferences: We connect our missionaries on field via skype in order to ministry their lives and get information about their missionary work.

Virtual Magazine: A magazine aimed to families including several topics such as: missions, news, art, culture and mucho more.

Our projects:

–          Documentaries: realization of documentaries related to unreached groups with the purpose of propagating missionary work.

–    Streaming TV Channel: with the purpose of entertaining the family.

–   International network of satellite communication: Containing programs aimed to entertaining, information, worldwide news, etc.

–  Design and edition of an international magazine.

The creation of an international university career on Biblical Communications Cosmo vision.

Telephone: +54-(0)379-4-455568

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