Bible Studies

We study the Bible to see our lives TRANSFORMED!



During 3 months you will read the whole Bible, and work in-depth with more than 15 books, where you will learn a number of different strategies:

  • How to make a biblical-based small group
  • How to take a specific topic from a book in the Bible without taking it out of context
  • How to apply the truth of God in your life in a practical way
  • How to teach and preach without being boring nor excessive
  • How to live in the wisdom of proverbs
  • …AND many more applications.


Objectives: We will teach you to search out the depths of the Scriptures to find the truths of God using a method called the Inductive Method. This will be a time of challenges where you will be able to have access to the tools you need so that you can discover the truths in the Bible.
Starting date for next schools:  17 February 2014


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