DTS – Discipleship

What is the DTS?
The DTS is a first-level YWAM school., where the main focus is to know God. It is designed to motivate students to grow in their intimacy with God, to develop Christian character and to help them to identify their calling and their spiritual giftings given by God.
The DTS emphasizes on a transformation of the heart and it is an intimate journey where you can come to discover God’s heart and learn to follow in His path.
During the DTS, we provide a classroom setting of dynamic learning, and combine it with living on campus in order to encourage the application into their daily lives of all that the students learn in the classroom. The materials learned are put into practice through activities such as prayer, study, mediation, worhsip, small groups, practical service times, evangelism, and friendship.
During the three months of theory, you will receive a series of teachings, workshops and seminars. During this time you will lay a solid base for developing Christian character through the application of the truth. Some of the teachings given are:
 Know God God’s fairthfulness
God’s attributes Submission and Rebellion
How to hear God’s voice Overcoming pride
Meditating in the Word Fear of God vs Fear of man
Intercession Service
Obedience Identity and Destiny
God’s Father Heart Personalities governed by the Holy Spirit
Forgiveness Interpersonal Relationships
Worship and Praise The divine Plumb Line
Truth and Emotions  Evangelism and Missions
Faith and Finances  many more!


The teachings given by the teachers and missionaries of YWAM will leave a lasting impression on your life and they come from many different nations and ministerial settings.
During this phase, you will participate in many YWAM actitvities, and you will be able to serve in many different evangelistic events that are hosted by YWAM as well as the local church.
Practical Outreach Phase (Make God Known)
The second part of the school is the practical phase where you will spend two months on a missionary trip, applying much of what you have learned in the classroom, on the mission field.
You will participate in evangelism, mercy ministries, intercession and discipling. Your personal testimonies, teamwork, and friendship, are all very important values that you will develop in this phase.
  1. Minimum age is 18 years-old. ( in special cases we sometimes accept applicants as young as 17 years-old)
  2. A word from God about you taking the DTS
  3. A letter of recommendation from your pastor or church leader.

Starting dates for next schools: 9 February, July and October 2015

Email:     edejucumnorfeb@hotmail.com Telephone: +54-(0)379-4-455568

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